Bio herbata Yerba Mate - instant 200 g

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From Amazonia to you, yerba mate has natural high caffeine concentration and therefore is used to enhance energy, focus, and alertness in the form of a central nervous system stimulant. Our Super Yerba has a delicate taste that will be appreciated both by the Yerba`s addicts and those who would rather avoid the smoky, strong taste of the Yerba leaves.

ingredients: 100% bio powdered yerba mate leaves

Allergen information:

Product may contein soya, nuts or gluten.


Method of preparing:

Now you do not need to prepare your Yerba only in Bombilla which drove you crazy to clean. It`s time to drink Yerba anytime and anywhere you want. Just add one Super Yerba scoop to your favourite smoothi etc. and stir! One 100g bag consist approx. 25 portions.

Country of origin: Brazil