Bio + Super Fiber, Aronia 200g

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  • Manufacturer: MIPAMA E.Z. Szafarz sp.j.
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Bio+ Super Fiber, Aronia is 100 % organic product.

The product is the source of many minerals and vitamins. Ground buckwheat husk is very rich in fiber, potassium, iron, and B vitamins Aronia is a source of vitamins C, E and calcium.

Ingredients: organic: buckwheat husk, aronia (10%)

Allergens: product may contain soya, wheat or gluten

How to use: Mix 1-2 scoop with your favorite yogurt add to cereals, desserts and salads.
Once opened keep sealed and store in a cool dry place.

Pack 200g

Approx values in 100g:
184 kcal/kJ769 

4.2 g of protein,
0.6 g of fat,
carbohydrates 3.8 g,
74 g fiber,
Calcium 119 mg,
8.03 mg iron,
140 mg magnesium,
Potassium 667 mg
zinc 1.8 mg,
Vitamin A 214 IU,
vitamin E 1.58 mg,
Vitamin B1 0.11 mg,
Vitamin B2 0.13 mg,
Vitamin B3 0.16 mg.

Country of origin: Poland