Collagen + MSM 200g

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Granulated bovine collagen + MSM - dietary supplement.
Hydrolyzate Bovine Collagen form Diet-Food is one
of the best sources of collagen proteins that are easily
digested by the body. Collagen can be used by physically
active people as well as people caring for their hair, skin,
nails, bones and joints. We added MSM - an organic
sulfur to the collagen proteins, which is also
recommended for people prone to injuries and caring for
the quality of hair and skin.


Ingredients: 80% granulated beef collagen,
20% methylsulfonylmethane

Allergen information:
Product may contain nuts or gluten.


How to use:The daily dose for consumption: 10 g

You can eat it as
a post-workout shake, morning smoothie or with your
favorite drink. Try it with COCOLA coconut water!

Warnings and Storage:
Do not exceed recommended servings for consumption
during the day. Dietary supplements can not be used as
a substitute for a varied diet. Keep the product in a dry,
cool place out of the reach of small children.
It is important to have a balanced and balanced diet and
a healthy lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy state
of health.


Pack 200g

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Country of origin: Italy