Set of Soybean Pasta - 6 pcs

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  • Manufacturer: MIPAMA E.Z. Szafarz sp.j.
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Set contains: 3 x soybean pasta and 3 x soybean orange

Unique pasta made from 100% organic soybeans, provides the body with valuable fiber is gluten-free and very rich in protein. More easily digestible than boiled soybeans, a low glycemic index

Ingredients: flour from organic soybeans

Allergens: the product contains soy

How to use: Put the pasta in a large amount of boiling, salted water, cook 3-5 minutes. Serves with sauce or any extras. Once opened keep sealed and store in a cool dry place.

Pack 6 x 200g

Country of origin: China

  • Ingredients: flour from organic soybeans
  • Pack 6 x 200g
  • Country of origin: China